Constitutional amendment [in my hand]

Modern society that can not be taught in school - the situation in ...

Constitutional amendment [in my hand] The situation in the Middle East of confusion The United States and the fact that North Korea standoff, but has not been in the dead leaves such a dispute at the moment, somehow sense the number of Turning numerous victims in the Middle East will be paralyzed. 0 deaths if there is terrorism? Oh, 0 people about. Useless impressions as a human being that is the zero crossing of the head. Also they reflect deeply people are counted in the number of Ikan'na, and, also to still paralyzed and is also doing daily Dokkan Dokkan this fact. There while the loss of reality. However, It would people of the 0-fold, including the injured if if 0 deaths has been victimized, very tragic Given to that of the bereaved family serving as a family. We I must be careful not to paralysis. Currently, it is Syria are you most hot spot of. President Assad Syria's president. I feel that has been selected from the people and say the President, but the real thing about zip grip the government by coup, was appointed to the President as the second generation.

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