Constitutional amendment [in my hand]

The situation in the Middle East to complicate

Constitutional amendment [in my hand] [Press References] complexity to the situation in the Middle East northern Iraq from escape to Syria person increase / UNICEF situation report Polio vaccination campaign Month since early, tense situation continues in northern Iraq. Yazdi Muslims our minority, Across the border have fled to Syria refugee camp. In the intense heat, Ya dehydration Also we have children who lost their lives in the evacuation. Not Syria only, in the situation in the Middle East is increasing instability, UNICEF will continue to support activities. Indispensable to heat measures and day-to-day living water and other support of health, in Syria and Iraq Large-scale vaccination campaign of polio occurrence has been confirmed also was conducted. By the long civil war and fierce fighting, water supply and sewage facilities, and power facilities damage Since it is received, the clean water is not sufficiently performed, including diarrhea, the disease caused by the water Increase has been a concern. Situation and UNICEF support activities of the latest of Syria and neighboring countries We will tell you about.

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