Constitutional amendment [in my hand]

The first place where a what the [Middle East]?

Constitutional amendment [in my hand] Where that what the Middle East pot of situation () in the first place [the Middle East]? [Importance of the definition confirmation] The basic situation in the Middle East Although using the word always casually [Middle East], About what [the Middle East] refer to any range is actually determined is not that neat. I when that [the Middle East], it is assumed the traditional Middle East area. If I of the situation in the Middle East commentary of convenience, if you touch on the North African country, In each case can be noted the country, I think to be a notation such as [North Africa of the Islamic world]. My sensuously, just north Africa does not think only with [Africa], It goes ...... can not be classified as [the Middle East], there, Jan African continent? ? ? In the overseas media, the Middle East (Middle East), but also including North Africa. If you look from the West, the Middle East and Northern Africa as well, in many Arab countries like a feeling of Muslims, Be that have been in people tying? By the way, the Islamic countries of North Africa, sometimes referred to as the Maghreb countries.

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