Constitutional amendment [in my hand]

Trump President [IS suppression within the week]

Constitutional amendment [in my hand] The situation in the Middle East to be confusion in the - the United States of Syrian withdrawal Trump President [IS suppression within a week to] The United States is to announce the complete suppression of IS in next week Trump President of the United States is the day, a speech at an international conference in Washington, the Islamic extremist organization IS, showed the prospect of self-styled Islamic State loses all controlled areas of Syria within the week. The battle of the questioner) IS, that it was revealed in the Council of Ministers of volunteer countries Union opened in the State Department, looks like a victory declaration. Trump President declined to respondents) presidential election after year, because I want results, I think the loudly declare victory and [he overthrew the IS]. Also in the State of the Union speech, he had said that [the Korean War has been avoided but their competence. The fact quite different, but all [the good thing is my achievements] is part of Trump President say that.

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