Constitutional amendment [in my hand]

Meeting Saudi Attorney-General and the Turkish public prosecutor

Constitutional amendment [in my hand] The situation in the Middle East that Saudi attorney general is changing in Turkey prosecutor with the talks - background Prosecutor talks of Saudi Arabia of the Attorney General Turkish side Response to the incident that Mr. Jamarukashogi has been the murder of journalists in Saudi Arabia Consulate General of Turkey, Mojebu Attorney General of Saudi Arabia has met with responsible prosecutor visited Turkey. It is seen as exchanged information about the contents of the investigation. When the questioner) depends on the Anatolian communication of Turkey, the consultation time is about time period. Does not come out is that detailed, but it is said that they may have a lot of information exchange. What happens in the future what kind of deployment? Because respondents) Saudi Attorney General, is the person who was recognized as [That incident was the murder]. So, Saudi Arabia [do not know], [it killed accident], so now we are developing like a story Thousand and One Nights and [it was murder.

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